Ring of Kerry tour

Its spectacular beauty is beyond question.

Just enjoy!

The “Ring of Kerry” is a spectacular scenic route in the south west Ireland. A private tour is the best way to enjoy all the sights and scenery the route has to offer.
Compared with coach tours, we can make more stops (of your choice) and travel to places where buses have no access.

You decide

This journey takes between 6 and 8 hours to complete and you can decide where and when we will stop. Our driver has a set up route and several sightseeing stops prepared already so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the Ring of Kerry.

Ring of Kerry Tour

A 112 miles road trip around the Ring of kerry (including historical sites including Cahergall Fort, Leacanabuiaile Fort and Ballycarbery Castle, Kerry cliffs and many more of your choice) this is a must see tourist attraction in Ireland. To some of these places buses are not allowed so a private car is the only opportunity to see them.



112 miles



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